We are waking up earlier tomorrow morning, picking up the kids from grandma’s, and driving to Ohio for a wedding.  The trip will take about 8.5 hours non-stop.  With all diaper changes, eating, and leg stretching… we’re thinking it will be over 10 hours.

I’m not looking forward to the trip because ladyBug is at the age were she needs entertaining, but independent enough to entertain herself for long stretches.  I bought her several new toys, packed a bunch of favorite books and toys, and am hoping for the best.

  Boo’s lap table is one of my old worn cookie sheet.  It was starting to look gross.  So I spray painted it with some rust proof paint.  And it looks so much better.  You can probably catch a glimpse of its grossness in some of the photos below.  Though it is magnetic, I only have one magnetic activity planned.

For last year’s trip to Ohio, I made some felt board activities for Boo.  I packed them along for this trip.  I made them to fit perfectly in the cookie sheet.

  Brown Bear Brown Bear


  Apples on a tree and in a basket

I also made a really cool road with an overpass and a parking area for a set of mini vehicles.  But we can’t find it in time for this trip.  I’ll post it when I find it.

  I made some dry erase coloring/activity books (printouts in sheet protectors in binders).

The following are many activities I organized into ziptop bags for Boo.

  I made some photo popsicle stick puzzles.  They are all photos of Boo and some of his favorite people.

  I didn’t think Bug could figure out the puzzle without some help.  So I added consecutive numbers and letter along the top or the bottom of the each puzzle.  Since Boo can read all his letters and numbers up to 10, this will be a good activity to help him practice number/letter order.

  I made three sets of instruction cards for 5-pieces sets of Duplos.  Boo will put together the pieces to match the picture.

  I printed the pictures to be about the same size as the Duplos pieces to help him if he needs to lay it on top for guidance.

  I got some colored plastic clothespins and wide popsicle sticks from a local $.99 store and put together a color matching game.  These clothespins were much easier for Boo to open than regular wooden ones.

  I printed some dot marker shape printables for Boo to “draw” the shapes with his magnets.

  From the $.99 store, I also got some eraser tops and matched them up with some fancy unsharpened pencils I collected as a kid.  If Boo gets into this activity, it will build some great fine motor skills.

  I wrapped up some surprise activities: one set of new construction vehicles, three squeeze balls from his 1st birthday, and two egg shakers.  The unwrapping will build suspense and take up more time.  =)

  I packed up his name building activity from earlier this week with some extra letters to challenge him.  I also made sure all the letters were there, so we can also work on letter order.

  Another $.99 store find: a magnetic mirror.  Paired with his dry erase crayons, I’m hoping it will spark some creativity.  (See how gross the cookie sheet looks before I painted it?)

  From the $.99 store, a small set of number puzzle.

  I also packed up two of Boo’s wooden jigsaw puzzle to work on his cookie sheet tray.

  As I was typing out this post, I printed some shape roads for Boo to run his cars on.  He still loves his cars and trucks and still creates traffic jams with them.

On top of all this I also packed a bunch of snacks (though we typically have a no eating in the car rule, but we allow it for road trips), a bunch of books Boo hasn’t seen in a long while, and a bunch of DVDs.  We’re borrowing Hubby’s dad’s Odyssey which has a DVD player.  Hopefully the DVD player works.  During our last trip, Hubby’s lighter thing didn’t work and Boo never got to watch all the DVDs I borrowed from the library.

Hubby thinks I overpacked, but I just want to be prepared.  I’m actually not planning to entertain the kids with their toys/activities until 3-4 hours into the trip.  I really do want them to learn to entertain themselves or entertain each other first.  But I know they are kids and there’s only so much they can do strapped into carseats.  So that’s what all these activities are for.  And for bribing them back into the car, in case they want to run away during a pit stop.

What do YOU think?  Did I overdo it?


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  1. Jasmine says:

    I definitely think you over-planned, but that’s OK! I overplan, too, but that’s because I want to be prepared. Besides you could use half of the activities for going and half for coming back. Have a great time and we’ll see you next week! =)

  2. […] Still couldn’t find the actual “really cool road with an overpass and a parking area for a set of mini vehicles.” […]

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