Tot School

Boo – 29 months

Remember this felt board  and this activity  from our road trip?  Well Boo, didn’t pay any attention to either one during our road trip, but was he very interested in the felt board activity this week.  So I combined the two activities.

 First, we looked at the various faces and talked about them.

Then we practiced making those faces…





I think we have to work on his expression making…  =P

  Then we tried drawing faces on the mirror.

  Later we tried painting faces with googly eyes already glued on.

  We also tried using googly eyes on dot markers printables to draw shapes.  See how focus he was and how straight he tried to make them.  But googly eyes on sheet protectors were slippery and maybe that was frustrating.

  So we switched to magnets.

  This week’s sensory bin was brown rice!  He loved it and he requested it many times through the week.  Here’s Boo matching foam letters he found in the rice onto the puzzle of his name.  This was a repeat activity too!

  “Hide hand in rice like sand in beach!”  “There it is!”

  I introduce a new art medium, stamping.  See how much wind-up Boo used to get his stamping done?

  Apparently the aggressive and powerful stamping was very funny…


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