After a last minute agreement, we dropped off the little one at my mom’s this afternoon.  With a break from ToT School, we’re getting the house ready for potty training.  =O  I am so nervous…. During our last well-visit, the pediatrician told me to get Boo potty trained this summer. I wasn’t in any rush… tried it two or three times over the course of the summer for several consecutive days were we did the underwear and potty visits for every half an hour.  It frustrated me to no end when he’d wet himself/and the floor or couch in between the half hours.  Didn’t want to put too much pressure and make it a “bad” experience.  So I just did the minimum, but with Bug, it was just too much.  So I gave up after a few days each time.  Without Bug’s long feedings, the transitions to naps, and her almost constant need of attention this time around, I’m hoping I can better arm myself with ready the boy’s needs and get this thing tackled.  Plus I’m planning to do it outside this time.

With lots of water, juice, and 2 new cups (THANKS Digum!), a bunch of outdoor toys, bubbles, DIY sidewalk paint, and a potty… I’m hoping for a less frustrating experience on my end.  Things I’m still deciding if we’ll do:

  • visiting the potty every half an hour?  if so, how long do I make him “try” if nothing is happening?
  • a rewards chart?  with/without a prize box?
  • watching “fun” potty DVDs?

What do you think?  Should I use one of these methods, a combination, or all?  Have you succeeded potty training already?  If so, how did you tackle it, especially if it was with a boy?

I’m afraid it won’t work and I’ll give up again.  Or if I give up too soon.  Or if Boo isn’t ready.  I don’t know… It’s all so much…

During all of my teaching career, I never had to deal with the potty training part.  It was either before and the kids were all in diapers, or after when they were all already trained.  In my last job, the kids were all Boo’s age right now, but I left the job right before I needed to start the MASS potty training period because I was pregnant with Boo and was getting too tired and sick to teach.  Now I’m finally experiencing a part of parenthood in which I have absolutely no experience.  This is scary.  I’m finally understanding why some people are scared or nervous when they first become parents.  Ahhh!


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  1. Jasmine says:

    So when you say “break,” do you mean from blogging?
    I’m in the same position as you with potty training. I wish I could let her go at her own pace, but we use disposables so time = money! =( I need to get a move on, too. I’ve bought two potty-related books and one does have an incentive chart, but I haven’t used it. I’m trying to stay away from rewarding because I don’t want her to get used to that. I use a lot of verbal affirmation. Good luck to us both! Is Digum potty trained already? What did M do?

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  4. […] a break, but with another challenge […]

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