Who’s here just joining my potty training series?  Check out my earlier posts:

It was such a busy week even though ladyBug was at my mom’s.

As of now, Boo is about 60-75% successful in peeing in the potty, 0% for poo.  I’m not totally sure he can actually pee on command.  But I guess it’s not going to be a fast and easy process for us like I hoped.

Monday as the first day was the most memorable day of the week.  So it will be the most detailed.

On Monday, Boo woke up super early, 8am.  Yes, that is too early for me.  I have a much better day and function much better when the kids don’t wake me up before 9:45.  But since I wanted to maximize Boo’s potty training time (without ladyBug around), I woke up.  I got the bugger dressed for a day of pottying: long sleeve shirt, leg warmers, and underwear.  He played a bit while I woke up some more.  Soon we put on a jacket and were outside.  Hubby had taken out the outside toys, the tricycle, push toys, etc…  It’s been a while for Boo with these toys, so he was very excited.  I filled up a cup with water and another with juice.  And has often as I could without bugging him too much, had him drink… and drink… and drink some more.

Basically we were outside for two hours.  He played with his outside toys, water, bubbles, ate a pear, fed the bunnies, picked some more pears for the bunnies, held a bunny, ran around, climbed, jumped, checked out the big rabbits and chickens, washed his outside toys, sprayed water, and stomped in puddles.  We went through 3 cycles of sitting on the potty at half an hour intervals.  At the first sitting, I discovered that Boo had an accident already… Not even sure when that happened.  =P  Each time Boo sat to “try,” I had to convince him to stay with songs, stomping in water, bubbles, whatever…  0 success.

After 2 hours, Boo wanted to go back inside.  So we did.  At the next round of “trying,”  I plopped him on his potty with a dvd.  I got lunch ready.  When I went to get him, I discovered he had peed.  I did a cheer for him and he danced to it.  He was very excited.  We cleaned up and washed up.  He put a sticker on his chart and got some M&Ms.  Very exciting.  It was the first time Boo did anything in the potty with me.  He has performed with both my mom and Hubby.  I finally felt like it would be possible for Boo to be out of diapers.

After lunch, with a diaper on, we went out to the not-so-local-but-a-bus-ride-away library.  I had researched and have been eyeing a particular potty DVD, Go Potty Go.  It was only available at 5 libraries in Queens.  Since I was serious about potty training this time, I wanted to get it for Boo.  At the library, I found 2 other potty dvds and 2 books.  Boo had seen Potty Power already and wasn’t very interested, but I wanted to try it again.

After the library, we stopped by Babies R Us and got a potty watch.  It’s a watch that plays music and lights up every 30 minutes (or 60 or 90) to remind the child (and parent) that it’s time to go potty.

Then I ran some errands and we met up with Digum and her mommy for lunch.  We went home and took our nap.  After nap time, unlike other potty training times, we continued with the training until bedtime.  Boo got two stickers on this day.

The next day was a rainy day.  So we spent it inside with a lot of DVD watching with our potty watch.  Boo refused to wear the watch.  So I just kept it near me.  At every 30 minutes, I told Boo it was potty time.  He agreed and sat on the potty or toilet trainer.  Usually when I sit him down, I tell him to drink some more, hoping that it will spur the next potty trip.  And most of the time it was on a potty watching a dvd.  Boo enjoyed shouting “Potty Power!” along withe DVD.  But he LOVED watching Go Potty Go! and requested “Parker Panda” multiple times for the rest of the week.  I forget during which DVD, but he ran to me and told me “I peepee in potty too like big kid!”  He seemed very excited to identify himself with the big kids.  He got 4 stickers on this day.

Over the next two days, got 9 more stickers.  This included lots of time on my Kindle Fire.  In another post I’ll show you Boo’s favorite apps.  In fact, whenever his watch rang, he excitedly cheered, “It’s potty time!”  He would then run to his potty and say, “I want mommy’s Kindle.”  On the bright side, he’s learning to count to 15 and learned to trace numerals (he refused all tracing in previous occasions).  He’s decided that chocolate is super delicious.  He’s also learned to stop his pee mid way when it starts involuntarily and how to start it up again.  Though it’s only a restart of a millisecond at a time.  So it takes a lot of encouragement and many many nonconsecutive milliseconds of peeing before he gets most of it out.  And still, after only 5 minutes of cleaning up, he manages to still have an accident.

Boo still has three more sticker spots empty on his first rewards chart.  When it’s completed, we’ll be repeating the first chart with a sticker and mini M&Ms for each success in the potty, a drop or more.  Diapers will be on overnight, nap time, and for vehicular outings.  We’ll go diaper-free for neighborhood outings and walks.

I’m thinking we’ll work on staying dry next.  It will either be staying dry for the whole day or splitting the day up in 2 or 3 sessions, with a reward for a dry session.  Stay tuned as we continue our potty training journey….


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  1. Jasmine says:

    I have “Big Girl Undies” for Jubi, too! =D But, I havent put them on her because we have not been practicing yet. In fact, I should take her to the potty soon!

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  4. […] a busy week… (babybymk.wordpress.com) […]

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