For those of you just joining my potty training series here are the earlier posts:

ladyBug has been back with us for a few days already, but Boo is not fully trained yet.  I don’t know how people with multiple kids potty train without going crazy.  For example, just this morning, I was trying to ask Boo if he needs to use the potty and ladyBug is clawing at me, using me to pull herself up.  Meanwhile Boo wasn’t even listening to me and continued his playing.  I tried talking to Boo again and ladyBug is pulling at me trying to get me to pick her up.  I pick her up and Boo has walked off to another part of the room to play.  As I ask Boo again if he needs to pee, ladyBug is stepping on top of me trying to do who knows what.  Boo finally replies, “no.”  And I’m exhausted already.  Hahah…  good thing this isn’t my entire day.  Just every 30 minutes of it.  =)

Good news is Boo has figured out when he has to go and only if he’s bum-free.  Then he can run to the potty and get himself mostly situated.  If we get there fast enough, we can get most of it in.  Otherwise, it’s mostly out of the potty.  He needs to learn to get to the potty sooner and sit properly.  And if he’s in underwear… he doesn’t realize he needs to go until after the fact.  What do I do?  I can’t take him out bottomless…

Just today, My Precious Kid LLC did a potty training Q&A.   It’s was super informative, especially their Potty Training 101.  Got some really good tips.  It makes me wonder if we should switch Boo out of his crib and into a toddler bed so he can wake up and pee on his own…  This, however, brings on a whole new issue.  I have to say, the crib is easy for Hubby and me.  It’s our easy way out.  We don’t have to worry about the kid running around in the middle of the night.  We put him down for the night and he stays put…  but it’s our laziness too.

I have to confess:  I’m confused.  I initially started potty training using the Potty Watch with Boo, having him go every 30 minutes.  While trying to get him to stay seated, I ended up having him watch a potty DVD or play on my Kindle.  He ends up sitting on the pot for 15-20 minutes.  If I’m constantly reminding him to drink, he’ll end up peeing during this 15-20 minutes.  If I don’t, there are many dry 15-20 minutes which cause Boo to want more DVD or Kindle time.  And once Potty Time is finished, wet or dry, the next one is bound to arrive in less than 10 minutes.  This schedule made our lives revolve around the potty, which was simply crazy.  When I stretched it for 60 minutes the following day, Boo ended up wetting himself more often.  So I went back to 30 minutes to next day.  Then Boo was with grandma for the weekend.  When we restarted, Monday, the house was in the midst of being rearranged and we forgot about the potty watch.  Boo demonstrated that he was able to tell us when he needed to go.  So today, I let go of the potty watch and the every 30 minute reminder.  I found myself chasing the kid, asking him if he needed to go, reminding him to go if he needed to go.  He constantly told me “no” and I still ended up with two accidents.  On one hand, he was wearing underwear and he never goes when he’s wearing underwear.  And on the other hand, I’m asking if he needs to go instead of telling him it’s Potty Time.  I’m sure the daily changes is confusing the kid.  I have to rethink this and be consistent.  I know consistency is the key.  But what should I keep and what should I be changing?

I have another confession… I’m already having cabin fever from staying home with all this potty stuff….


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  1. Jasmine says:

    Let’s plan another play date so we can all get out of the house!
    You’re much more determined than I am. I’m still letting Jelly Bean mostly go in her diaper/pull-ups. =P

  2. Jasmine says:

    BTW – random, but, I have 11 cloth diapers here from BumGenius which Jubi has gently used and looking to sell them off. Any forums or suggestions you may have to steer me in the right direction?

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