I did it!  With an enthusiastic cheer from Boo, “Good Job, Mommy,” I got off the BQE from Queens to Brooklyn.  And I got another “Good Job!” when I rolled up onto my parents’ block.  This was my second time, if you count last night and tonight.  But we’re not counting the first time when I was learning how to drive.

As I told the children at Children’s Worship, the last time I drove on the BQE, I was crying and screaming, “I don’t want to do this!!” all across the Williamsburg Bridge and up the ramp onto the highway.  With cars zooming by me left and right, I seriously don’t remember how I made it to our exit…

Well, after Hubby and I finished up with the house last night (more on that in another post), Hubby asked me if I wanted to drive back to my parents place via highway or locally.  I didn’t know.  I was still scared from the last time I drove on NY highway.  But I let Hubby decide and he figured the traffic would not be so bad.  So I did it.  With Boo strapped in his car seat in Hubby’s pick-up truck, I drove back to my parents place via the BQE.  With slightly more confidence, the same thing happened tonight.  However, this time:

  • Boo wasn’t with us
  • I drove a mini-van
  • the mini-van felt much lighter on the road
  • the minivan responded to the tiniest movements I made on the steering wheel
  • there were fewer cars on the road  AND
  • a hurricane was on its way!  Eck!!

Stay safe East Coast!


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  1. Jasmine says:

    I’m so proud of you!! I need to go for my 5-hr class before I schedule another 2 lessons and then hopefully I’ll be done. Let’s try to get our licenses before the new year! =D

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