For those following me on facebook, you know that my family and I had a big scare with ladyBug last week.  Thank you for all your prayers and concern.  She is well now.  =)

We’ve been at my parents place (more on that in another post).  On Tuesday night, she was a bit warm and a little fussy.  The thermometer was out of batteries.  I bought it for my parents place after Boo’s first immunization shots, 2.5 years ago, and never used it…  ladyBug drank her bottle and went to bed as normal.  So we didn’t think much about it.

At my parents place, ladyBug sleeps in their room and they take care of her during the night and in the morning.  So I don’t worry about her or anything.  I woke up late the next morning.  ladyBug was already down for her morning nap.  I went to get her when I heard her cry, thinking she was up from her nap and ready to get out of the room.  When I went in, she was whimpering and still lying down.  Though I thought it was strange because she’s usually standing and laughing when I go enter the room, I picked her up and found her all sweaty.  Even more strange, she was still crying when I picked her up.  I placed her down to change her diaper and she arched her back and started shaking all over!  Her eyes rolled up!  I was thinking that she was having a seizure!! 

It was sooo scary.  I’ve been trained to recognize it.  I’ve been trained to know what to do.  But it was still scary.  I knew I just had to wait it out.  I freaked out and screamed for my mom.  I called the pediatrician office.  And I was practically yelling at the receptionists.   It didn’t help that my cell phone service was spotty in my parents’ apartment.  Baby girl was still seizing when I got through to the office.  As they started asking me questions, the seizure stopped.  She became a limped rag doll with such sleep eyes.  =(  So heart breaking….  I knew she’d be super tired after a seizure.

Thinking we would need to go the the hospital, I held ladyBug as my mom got Boo ready to go out.  Then my mom held her as I continued to answer questions.  In the middle somewhere we took her temperature, 102.6.  My dad had bought a new battery that morning.  Good thing!

This was ladBug’s first fever.  Boo never had a fever.  And for my mom, neither my brother nor I fevered growing up.  So between me and my mom, we had no clue what to do with a fevering baby.  The pediatrician told us to get her to the ER.  It just so happened that Hubby was on his was home.  So we waited just a few minutes for him.

Hubby was stuck in traffic the day before and it took him 1 and a half hour to get to my parents place.  Somehow, Hubby was able to stop by our home in Queens, pick up the minivan which has the kids’ car seats, and drive to Brooklyn in about 30 minutes.  Praise God.  Not only that, but traffic was clear and smooth all the way to the hospital.  By now, ladyBug was perking up.  She gave us a few smirks and half-smiles.

Now, between me and my mom, we were not calm during all this.  Boo was bearing the brunt of it.  We rushed him and commanded him to do this and that.  We didn’t explain anything to him in terms he understood. And it showed.  He retaliated.  He fussed.  He refused to follow our directions.  When baby girl was buckled in, I finally realized I needed to change my attitude.  I needed to give Boo my attention and calm him down.  I didn’t even know if he was freaked out or not.  So I told him some jokes.  I pretended to laugh with him even though I was still shaky.  Boo seemed to have calmed down and cheered up with the reassurance.  He even fell asleep on the way to the hospital.

In about 50 minutes, from the time the seizure ended, we arrived at the hospital.  This included Hubby leaving work in the Bronx, stopping by Queens to get a different vehicle, picking us up in Brooklyn, all the way to driving us back to Queens.

My mom and I got ladyBug through the ER process, while Hubby stayed with Boo.  ladyBug’s temperature was up to 103.2 and she was cheering up and getting active.  She was climbing all over me, trying to touch all the wires, tubes, gadgets, you name it.  She smiled and played with the receptionists and nurses and doctors until they started examining her.  Then, she fought and cried and yelled.  After some more questions, they gave her double doses of fever reducers.  They wanted to prevent another seizure.  Most likely the seizure was a febrile seizure due the fever spiking to fast.

And when they opened her diaper to get a urine sample; we saw that she had just peed and the diapers hadn’t even had time to soak it up yet.  So we had to wait to get for her to pee some more.  And we had to get her to drink.  And if you know our ladyBug, you can’t get her to do anything she doesn’t want to do.  So that meant we couldn’t get her to take in more liquids.  We tried crackers to get her thirsty.  She just got even more upset when we tried to give her her bottle again.  Eventually she fell asleep.

Not even 10 minutes into the nap, the nurse checked to see if she could get more pee and woke the baby up.  And baby girl was not happy.  She refused to go back to sleep after that too and continued her climbing and exploring.  Eventually the nurse came back and told us they were able to start a culture with the tiny bit of pee they got and ladyBug was discharged.  The initial urine dip was negative and growing a culture would take a few days.  This was to test for a UTI.  We had no idea of what type of infection caused the fever.  ER prescribed a dose of fever reliever every 6 hours and told us to visit the pediatrician in the net few days.  ladyBug was super cheerful and still very active on our way out of the hospital and into her carseat.  She conked out, not five minutes, into the ride home.

When we left the hospital and met up with Hubby, it turned out that Boo was on his way to spend time with his bestie, Digum!  And while we were at the ER, the boy was having a grand time at the playground with his daddy.  I hope he doesn’t think that when his sister is sick and needs to see the doctor, it means he gets to have grand fun time.

ladyBug continued to have a fever through that evening and was in miserable spirits.  The fever reducer kept her in the 102’s, but as it wore off, her temperature rose.  So scary… We used lots of cold compresses, iced towels, and even cool baths to help lower her temp in between dosing her with meds.   At one point, she was at 104.7, I called her pediatrician’s off-hour call service.  But by then it was time for her meds.  So we gave it to her.  By the time the person on call called back, the meds were lowering her temperature.  Still scary…  how high is too high?  Internet info didn’t have a concrete answer and the ER never told me.

The day after the ER visit, Thursday, the pediatrician office was closed.  And it was so happened that Hubby had taken off Friday in anticipation for an Ohio visit.  After the ER and the uncertainty of what was wrong with the baby, we decided not to go.  This worked out because we were able to take ladyBug to the doctor’s then.

On Friday’s doctor visit, we learned that ladyBug had Herpes Simplex 1.  Doctor saw sores in her throat, but they were not visible at the ER at the time.  No need for antibiotics, just have to keep her fever under control.  He prescribed an increase dosage of fever reducer.  She would have caught this virus over the weekend.  If I remember everything correctly from what the doctor said, the virus has an incubation period (non-symptom period) of 2-3 days and is contagious for about 5 days.  It is super contagious via saliva, mucus, etc.  Bad news for a teething baby that drools like crazy and puts everything in her mouth….

As we were leaving the doctor’s office building, the ER called!  They had the lab results.  ladyBug has a UTI too!  aiya-ya… I ran back upstairs, had the ER fax the results to the office, and waited for the doctor to finish up with the patient he was seeing.  We added a prescription of antibiotics.  Two bad things happening at the same time.  poor baby…

With the new prescription of meds, ladyBug stopped fevering and was much better spirits.  relief!  The fever didn’t come back after we stopped the fever reducer a few days later.  more relief!  She is no longer contagious!  wooHoo!  And Boo has past the contagious and incubation period without showing symptoms.  awesome!  =D

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  1. Jasmine says:

    Wow! I’m so sorry this happened. So crazy!! I can’t believe Bug has Herpes I. That’s actually what I got when I was 12 in 7th grade. Don’t know how it happened, but ever since I break out in cold sores several times a year. Only one thing has helped me control it – essential oils. That and reducing my stress since it can flare up at hormonal changes. Oh boy. Do you know how she picked it up? Be careful of kissing her or her touching Boo with saliva on her hands or mouth. I always have to careful of kissing my husband & my kids when I have a breakout and I never know when it’s gonna come about. =( Keep me updated!

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