Our immediate effect of Hurricane Sandy…

Only two things on our property broke: a small peach tree in backyard and a piece of gutter from the roof.  We did not lose power or internet.  Our house did not get flooded.  I guess God knew we could not handle much more  that what we were dealing with, more on that in another post…

We walked around few blocks around our home and snapped a few pictures.

All the gas stations around us were out of gas.


Through lots of hearsay, some crazier stuff happened further from our house… we were staying with my parents at the time and the only things that happen in that area were broken windshields.

How did you fare through the storm?

If you want to share what happened to you through Hurricane Sandy, feel free to comment below or post on your own blog and I’ll link you up.


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  1. Jasmine says:

    Glad nothing serious happened! Same with us – power and internet fine, just fallen trees and no gas. We also had no train running here for about a week. Thankfully things are back to normal.

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