On this funny 11th, ladyBug is 1 year, 1 month and 1 week old.

After a crazy time going through the hurricane, the holiday season, the whole family getting sick in succession, then getting ladyBug’s postponed 1 st birthday party done, and finally taking a breather, I just realized our holiday cards are sitting underneath our dining room table, forgotten!!  =O  How foolishly forgetful of me….  but I suppose that’s life with two little kids  =D  If you’re too excited to wait for our holiday card to read our holiday letter, you can find it on the top of my blog titled “Holiday Letter 2012.”  The password is the same as the previous years, name of the church Hubby and I got married at and the 4 digit numerals of our wedding date without spaces.  Too difficult?  Email me.  =)

In the near future, I’ll be also working on posting photos of ladyBug’s birthday party photos and at the same time, I’ll post Boo’s 1st birthday party photos too.  Yes, I never did that either….

Though I’m busy with more home stuff these days and a week-long trip to New Jersey this weekend and then to Ohio next week, I hope to keep up with blogging.  ^_^


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