March 2 – Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  At first I wasn’t planing to do any special Seuss activities but there were so many getting pinned on Pinterest.  I started getting interested.  So I picked a few that were simple for me to prep, where I had most of the supplies, if I had to get any supplies they were simple to acquire, and based on Dr. Seuss books Boo have read already.  That only meant The Foot Book, Hop on Pop, Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You?, and The Shape of Me.  Not much there…

Hubby thought if I were to really do this, we should borrow the classic Dr. Seuss   I went to the library to borrow some more, especially the classics that we didn’t have already: The Cat in the Hat, The Cat in the Hat comes Back, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, The Foot Book, Ten Apples Up On Top, & Green Eggs and Ham.  I wasn’t planing to read them all at once to him, but if they came up, they came up.

I later found out that Boo knew who the Cat in the Hat was.  Score!  So I added several Cat in the Hat projects  =)  He told me he knew Cat in the Hat from grandma’s home.  Don’t know how…  but this was going to be fun!

The Foot Book

The Foot Book is one of Boo’s first and favorite Dr. Seuss books.  Several weeks ago, as we were reading it during our bedtime routine, I noticed the Boo was reciting more and more of the book.  So we had to do something with feet. to go with The Foot Book.

ladyBug was super cooperative in letting me paint her feet and then stamping them on paper.  We were able to get several nice prints.  She didn’t even try to grab her paint covered feet.  =)  Boo, however, continued his refusal in getting paint on himself, intentionally or not.  So I traced his feet with a pencil and paper.  Then we set everything aside to dry while Boo and I did some reading  =)

That night I continued the project by cutting out the footprints and include my feet and Hubby’s feet.  Yes, I stole Hubby’s footprints while he slept.  =P

I had to wait patiently for Boo to be interested in The Foot Book again before we were able to put together Our Family’s Foot Book.  Here’s just a few pages we worked on…



The Cat in the Hat

First we read The Cat in the Hat book.  We read it for the first time the day before and Boo really liked it.  After reading it, I asked him if he wanted to make some cat int he hats.  Yes was shouted with some hoorays!  heheh too cute  =)

First, Boo made his very own Cat in the Hat hat.  He is so proud of that hat  =)


Next, we worked on an easy activity using leftover mint M&Ms from ladyBug’s birthday party.  Boo retrieved the two bowls and sorted the M&Ms according to color.  He said he wanted 5 stripes for Cat in the Hat’s hat.  So I quickly drew out a top hat with enough alternating stripes for 5 red stripes.  Then we lined up the M&Ms.  Boo was so precise.  He made sure that each one he placed was lined up, touching the previous one, and the M was facing down.  A little too precise if you ask me…  =P  But he was so cute doing it all  =D




Next, I quickly showed Boo how to assemble his Cat in the Hat on paper, dissembled it, and told him that it was his turn to do it with glue.  All the while I was mixing up a batch of homemade puffy paint.  We didn’t have black paint for the following project and Boo really wanted to paint.  So while I was mixing up some pantry ingredients, Boo did an awesome job putting together The Cat in the Hat.  Did I tell you I have only done arts and crafts with Boo twice before.  Both was for our advent celebration.  One was a construction paper Christmas tree on our wall where all he did was stick pre-made ornaments on the tree.  And the other was salt and flour ornaments which was more like a cooking project.  I don’t believe in do arts and crafts at a young age.  I think young kids do well practicing the process.  So when Boo completed his Cat in the Hat, I was surprised and in awe.  Everything was basically where they were supposed to be.  =)


Our last Cat in the Hat project was not really necessary, but Boo wanted to paint.  So I had him paint up a paper plate with some homemade puffy paint.  Then as I was running the painted plate in the microwave, I had Boo glue the cat’s facial features onto a pre-cut circle from a paper plate.  After the paint dried from the microwave (it took only ONE minute.  Though the puffiness was minimal, we have to paint crafts like this again.  It was so fast!!), we glued the cat’s face onto the plate.  By then, Boo and I were done with crafting…  it was just an hour…  =)


one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

Since Dr. Seuss’  birthday landed on a Saturday, I wasn’t planning to do any “school.”  But Hubby was home sick and I needed a way to inspire and occupy the kid.  So during our snack time, I have Boo sort some colored goldfish snacks by colors…


Then I had him pick a few numbered to count the fish.  He picked 10.  I added 1, 3, 5, and 2.


It wasn’t long before hunger overcame us  =)


It was nice few days that reminded me of my teaching days.  But I’m glad I don’t have to cut  for 20 kids.  1 is a good number.

I still have 3 more Seuss activities we haven’t done.  Maybe we’ll do them.  Maybe not.  We’ll see.  If the weather is nice, going out will be our priority  =D

Here’s a treat for you  =D

If you noticed the Boo was reading the wrong words, it’s because he’s not really reading.  He basically memorized the board book version of The Foot Book which doesn’t exactly match the same as the regular book version.


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  1. Jasmine says:

    I love all of these activities! I’m glad to see you back online. How’s the potty training going? Ours is stalled. =(
    I couldnt see the video. It said it was private. =?

  2. […] since that first week of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, books, and activities in the beginning of March, we’ve read several more Dr. Seuss books and did a few more […]

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