Woah…  Starting in April, bugNboo’s cousins will be living us during the week.  That’s just 7 days countdown to chaos!  Wow!  It was confirmed last night and we are scrambling the get the house ready for two more preschoolers in our home.  Today, with Parker Panda, ladyBug, and Boo, we did some furniture shopping.  (side note… Hubby and I really need to work on our communication skills) We are anticipating chaos, but we are super excited =D  Boo has been asked, and he’s not too excited to share his toys…  =T   hahah  =)  I’m super excited because after our transition period, we’ll be doing some more formal homeschooling and loads more outings  =D

Please pray for us as we work on getting the paperwork done to get the cousins into our local schools.  Preschool application deadline is April 4th.  And I’m really bad at applications… we have several for each kid to complete and turn in.

Plus is Boo is turning 3 on April 3rd and our plan was to restart potty training with him for his birthday.  But with this big change in our lives, it might be postponed again….


So here’s our forecast:

Saturday = 0 kids

Sunday = 2 kids (bugNboo)

Monday- Wednesday = 4 kids (bugNboo & the cousins, blog names TBD)

Thursday & Friday = 5 kids (bugNboo, the cousins, & Digum in the mornings until the end of this school semester)


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  1. Jasmine says:

    Wow! How come they’re living with you? Just to go to school in your area? You definitely have your work cut out for you! I hope you’ll be ok!! Let me know if you need anything. =)

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