So we’re not sure if the cousins are coming to live with us.  =(  It’s a complicated situation that I won’t get into.

We’re a bit confused with the situation and disappointed, but we’re just going to wait… and be patient…


Originally, we were planning on finally getting Boo out of his mattress on the floor and into a real bed, a toddler bed along with his cousins; there’s power in numbers AKA peer pressure.  We’re still going to get his a toddler bed this week.  =D

And since we’re not planning around his cousins’ arrival, we’re still going to go forth with potty training starting on his birthday, next week.  I know!  What a great birthday gift.  Hahha!  I’ve been verbally preparing him for it for the past month.  To say the least, he’s not looking forward for it.  =P  I was looking forward to have his cousins here to model the big-kids-use-potty environment.  But I think we can still manage without them.  =P

And we will be still going forth with our homeschool plans for Boo starting 3rd or 4th week of April.  It just won’t be as complex without his slightly older cousins and more play.  =D


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  1. Jasmine says:

    Aw, sorry it’s not gonna work out like you planned! =( But still, as you said, you can move forward. I’m sure Jordan will love his toddler bed. Jubi’s been in hers since she was 17 months and she rarely if ever asks to sleep in mine now.
    This Saturday is an Easter Egg hunt at Queens Farm from noon-4pm. $5/person. We’ll be there if you want to join. Hope to see you soon!

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