Last month, we drove west to Ohio to visit with family.  On the way, we stayed two nights at SIL’s in New Jersey.  The kids loved it there.  Not only did they have a great time cooking with SIL, but everything was available to their little curious hands.  Boo had free reign of the chocolates at their end tables.   He wore the guitar whenever he could and showed off his “playing” skills.


without the baby gates, ladyBug got to climb lots of stairs.  She loved it because there was always someone there trailing behind her.  The girl has no fears…



When we got tired of following her up and down the stairs, we closed access to the second floor.  Neither children were too happy about that…  While ladyBug was deterred, Boo took it as an opportunity to hide  =)



After driving another 12 hours… we arrived to Ohio.  Hubby and I were super glad the trip was much shorter that the last to we drove to and fro Ohio.  We have to say, the DVD player in FIL’s minivan was super helpful…

Looking back, we definitely miss Ohio… the vast farmland… the slower pace… the beautiful views… family…

We happily stayed in Millersburg this time.  We had the opportunity to see Amy’s new house and some of the projects that were still being worked on.  Can’t wait to see it completed and moved in =)

Here’s ladyBug in Hubby’s shoulders running around Amy’s property as we checked out the house on top of the windy hill…  It was much colder that we expected.  =P  Boo slept through the whole visit in the van…



From day 1, Boo grew attached to an adorable 3-legged puppy named Trace.  He still talks about Trace sometimes.  Since we’ve returned from Ohio, Boo has develop a fierce love to a tiny stuffed puppy that he calls “Puppy” and sometimes “Trace.”




Every time he left the house, Boo would go searching to the little pup.  He would pet him, chase him, hug him, and even carry the little thing around.





Boo loved all the outside time and freedom he got when he went outside.  He definitely enjoyed the animals.  This year,he wasn’t afraid of of touching the animals.



ladyBug was wary of them…  in the next second after I shot this picture, she pulled her hand back, turned and fell into my arms with a whiny voice…



Boo loved all the different animals he got to see  =)




On Day 2 in Ohio, we had a lunch playdate with Mary Helen’s grandson at Shirley and Stan’s place.  ladyBug took her first walking stretch!  At first she was standing.  Then she started twisting and swinging her arms.  I guess she felt confident because next thing we knew, she was walking the entire length of the hallway!!  =D





On Day 3, we had dinner with Ivan and Joyce, Cindy and her family, and James.  Cindy and her family left soon after dinner for Wednesday night church.  But in the short time, CJ modeled some great pretend play stuff.  Boo continued playing CJ’s games for the rest of the evening.


ladyBug continued practicing her walking…  =)  Have I mentioned how dramatic she is? *sigh*  can you imagine ladyBug as a teenager?


The night ended with some snow covering everything.  It was beautiful  =)  but we were a little sad it wasn’t enough snow for sledding… =(

IMG_0199 IMG_0201


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