Boo and ladyBug stayed over at my parent’s last night because Hubby and I had a meeting. So Boo spent his morning with his grandparents.  When we got home from our meeting, I wrapped Boo’s birthday presents.  Then conked out… when I woke up this morning, I quickly baked the cake and started putting Boo’s new toddler bed together.  That thing was physically difficult to put together.  I was mighty glad Hubby was around to help me.  After we got the bed together, we picked up Digum, and went to my parents’ place.

As Hubby and I were eating lunch, Boo spied his birthday gifts…  we allowed him to open one while the rest were for that evening.  By chance he opened his new scooter which was perfect for an after lunch trip to the park.  Hubby gathered the three kids to play at the park.


While they were at the park, I put together Boo’s cake.  I LOVE how it turned out and it was fun and easy to do too!  Thanks pinterest  =D  Just as I was stashing it in the freezer, everybody came back.  It took four adults to get the three kids ready for their naps… after they were down and conked out, two out of the four adults took a nap too!



Later on Boo convinced me to open another present with, “I could open my presents.”  He was happily occupied for a bit with his new “cute animals” which he discovered to be finger puppets  =)




TV time!



they happily sat quietly for a full 5 minutes  =D  ahahh



then game time!!  =D



though ladyBug really wanted to play with the big kids, Hubby occupied her with baby versions of the big kid games  =D



after dinner was present time!!  the big kids were super excited =D






ladyBug’s new favorite toy…  she threw all other aside and consistent went straight for this red car





after presents was cake time!  Boo LOVED his cake and was super excited  =)  perfect for me!  =D






By the way, box cake is consistently super yummy =D  hahah!  I have not tried baking a cake from scratch since Boo’s 1st birthday…



As you can imagine, we were all super tired afterwards… and YES, we are able to fit 3 bulky car seat in a row in Hubby’s truck, SCORE!



OK, time for me to clear off our floor because Boo’s daytime diapers will be all gone starting tomorrow…

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  1. Jasmine says:

    I LOVE that cake! Can I get the link?
    I noticed you have Bug already forward facing in a car seat. Baby Ruth is ready for that, too, but we haven’t gotten it yet. Is it ok to forward-face before 2? I can’t keep her in the baby seat anymore b/c she’s getting too big! (Not to mention Baby#3 will need it come summertime.)
    This potty-training thing is so slow-going, I wish it were warmer so I could keep Jelly Bean bare-bottom all day to train her!! T_T (My in-laws don’t put on the heat during the day, just in case you were about to suggest putting the heat on, lol. I NEED TO GET MY OWN PLACE!!!)

    • For the cake, I combined two different pinterest ideas
      I didn’t have bundt cake pans and even if I did, the cake would have too big. So I just used 2 9″ round pans and layered the cake with just a teeny bit of store bought frosting. I did stick the cake in the freeze for a little bit and compared to my past attempts in frosting cakes, it was definitely easier to frost. =)

      We turn Bug to FF when went we went on our 10+ hour road trip to Ohio. She had just outgrown her infant carseat and we wanted to take full advantage of the dvd player. The suggested age for ff is 2 year and that started 1 or 2 years ago. I would love to keep both kids rf, which is high suggested. But the kids fight, scream, kick, and gives us a terrible ordeal when we try to put then rear facing even before we tried ff. So Hubby doesn’t want the fight. And I don’t want to fight him. I just pray a lot when we’re in the car.

      Our house is not heated either, but I’m keeping Boo in pants, especially those with elastic ankles (to keep as much within and off my floors). I also know he hates have wet shoes and shoes. So I’m hoping having wet clothes would influence him more rather than having me hover/”nag” him.

      • Jasmine says:

        Thanks for the links! Maybe I’ll try it for JB’s 3rd bday in Sept. I hardly ever use my bundt pans, except once when I made monkey bread. =P

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