Tasty Tuesdays: a log of our flavor and cooking journey of our quasi-vegetarian diet stemmed from our trip from Ohio.



During the two weeks we started our “health kick,” I added some new dishes added to our dinner menu.  Mostly gleaned from Pinterest.  I’ll do my best to link and recount our thoughts…

Here’s one of my first meatless-ish meals: black bean/quinoa, raw cauliflower/craisins, and baked fish.  We don’t count fish as a meat.  It’s just “fish”  hahah  =P


verdict:  black/quinoa was good the first night.  The kids ate it.  But the cumin flavor was a bit strong for my taste.  I included the leftovers into Hubby’s salad bentos.  After eating it for almost everyday for week, he was totally sick of it.  =P  My bad.  Now, anytime I add cumin to any dish, he’s thinks it’s quinoa.  =P  I still made black bean/quinoa a few more times afterwards.

pasta with fresh bread and a salad.  it was the first time we served our children raw salad… IMG_1803

verdict:  the bread wasn’t great but we LOVE fresh bread.  So I have to find a better recipe. neither the kids nor I like salads… I did finish my serving, but they did pick out all the craisins…. =p

lentil soup… which transformed into a lentil pasta dish because both Hubby and Boo said it needed pasta.  So I added pasta and the pasta ended up soaking up all the soup  =T


with fresh bread  =)


verdict: eh~  it was ok.  the soup was very good after a cold wet day, but it was definitely lacking a memorable flavor…  and by the next day, the pasta just made it gooey and gross.  So it did not last well.  The bread was yummy  =)  I think we found a bread recipe for keeps  =D

I have to find more recipes to test…

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