Sorry for those random subscription emails last night.  Wordpress updated their editor and after 18 months of not posting, I got confused while I was updating my blog.  =P  See my updated header?

As Boo’s time with UPK is winding down (T-minus 16 weeks), I’m getting more and more excited about homeschooling full time.  While Boo has been attending UPK for a good chunk of his day, I feel it is my obligation not to pile on more work when he comes home.  I want him to have lots of open time to play, relax, be creative, be silly, read, scream, jump, climb, and be a kid.  So I’ve been antsy and this is why I’m back in the blogging world.  I need an outlet for my gushing enthusiasm.  I’ve been reading and watching videos about curriculums. I’ve been scoring for the better deals and setting up my wishlists.  I’ve been researching books, philosophies, and methodologies.  I’ve been doing my best in reining my excitement in.  And this is crazy because all along I didn’t want to formally start school until I had to, 1st grade, in two Septembers!  I didn’t think and I still don’t think it is necessary to do formal school until that age.  Play is an important method of learning for kids.  And formal school dampens what play can foster. But now, I can’t wait to start.  It is a good thing I have these next 16 weeks to figure out a balance between formal schooling and extra kid time.  Maybe it’s time our family’s homeschool mission statement gets written.


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  1. I’m dying to know!!!! What will you be doing?? Must have a nice chat when I’m back in NYC! =D

  2. BTW – I signed up for the 34-day free trial of YNAB. I think it looks really interesting!

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