ladyBug {age ~ 3years 8weeks}

Since ladyBug demanded to have her own school time at 18 months old, she has been learning and picking things up quite quickly. I have not been teaching her any academics.  Through her own absorbing, ladyBug started the school year already knowing and recognizing her colors, shapes, numerals, and most of her alphabet.  So during this next school year,

I loosely wanted to her to learn her numbers, the entire alphabet and letter sounds.  I mean if she learned these things great, if not, we will continue working on these the follow year with no stress.  I also wanted her to develop various other general skills, i.e. using scissors, reading and writing her name, etc.

LOTWBinderK4 Curriculum-Download

The base of our “school time” is God’s Little Explorers (GLE) with our focus on their Bible story ideas and letter of the week activities. Before we started, I rearranged GLE’s schedule into double time and match the major holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. So each Bible story and a related letter is studied for two weeks, 3 days a week.  Then I added corresponding letter activities from Letter of the Week (LOTW). Since she knew her numerals and could read most of her letters already, I added some extra activities from lotw’s K4 Curriculum,  From September to November, we slowly worked through 7 letters (x, a, g, f, w, r, and c).

paperbackfrontDuring December, we didn’t work on any letters.  Instead, we used Truth in the Tinsel to get our hearts ready for Christmas.  The children and I loved gong through Truth in the Tinsel, but due to our lack of self-discipline, we did not finish the daily program.  We plan to repeat Truth in the Tinsel next December.

After a long holiday break, we resumed our “school time” in the same format with the addition of Before Five in a Row (b4fiar).  Now that ladyBug and I were better at following our morning routine, I decided to start b4fiar with ladyBug.  B4fiar is a program where a book is read 5 days in a row (thus it’s name) and you do additional activities to enrich and enforce the literary experience.  This is also called “rowing” a book.  In our case, I selected a book for each week that corresponds to the letter of the week.  So we will be rowing 1-2 books with each remaining 19 letters 3 days a week.  Some books will be repeated for more than one letter.  And for some letters, I could not match a second book.  In such case, I plan to row the book for two weeks. I tried to incorporate all the b4fiar books into the remaining letters but I could not figure out 2 books. Also I needed to add several books to cover 2 books for each letter. But I still can’t get it complete. Sounds confusing? I explain it more another time.

School is usually 3 days a week with Mondays off for me to gather and finalize the activities for the week.  However, ladyBug still asks for school on Mondays, So I decided to also do a non-academic, developmental activity as guided by Slow and Steady Get Me Ready.  Since the activity is already prepared for Monday, I can repeat it anytime through the week.

In the beginning of the school year, we join a 50 state postcard swap.  Every month, I mail out 5 postcards to 5 different families in 5 different states, and in return we receive postcards from 5 different states.  And over the course of 10 months, we send postcards to families in each 50 states and we would have receive a postcard from each state.  Hubby decided to take over the 50 states study every Monday and Tuesday evening after dinner.  I am not entirely sure what they do during this time as I am doing my own ministry and homeschool prep.  Things I’ve noticed they talk about: state geography, state shape, state flag, state bird/animal/tree/flower/etc…

Homeschool Law

In NYS, children are not required to attend kindergarten. Mandatory schooling begins with 1st grade or the year a child turns 6 before December 31. Even though I do not have to file any paperwork for ladyBug for another 3 years, I am taking this time to slowly figure out what our family’s homeschooling routine will be like and how I will keep records through the course of their education.


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