I am so EXCITED!  For the past two years, I have been looking for a homeschool convention to attend.  I love attending workshops and conferences because I love learning.  I can usually learn so much in such a small place in such a short time.  And I want to go to a specific one for homeschooling for three reasons:

  1. Usually at homeschool conventions, there are curriculum exhibits where I can see and touch the curriculum.  The internet is full of information and is a great way to network, but I can get a much better picture when the curriculum is in my hands.  In my hands, I can feel it and look through the books and worksheets and I can watch some video segments and listen to their audio clips.
  2. At homeschool conventions, I can meet established or former homeschooling parents who can teach us so much. I am sure they have much to offer through their years of experience.
  3. And hopefully, we can meet and befriend current homeschooling families.  Maybe we can keep in touch and  encourage one other through our homeschooling journey.

In my two year long search for a homeschool convention to attend, I couldn’t find any that were close enough to consider until last night.  Hubby is attending a work conference at the NJ Convention & Exposition Center for the next two days. Upon his return on his first day, Hubby directed my attention to this link: http://www.enochnj.org/index.php/2015convention.  We are both interested in attending!  That is almost unbelievable because Hubby is the opposite of me and does not like attending conferences.  I looked through the website and there are so many interesting workshops that appeal to me and my family’s needs.  Now Hubby needs to see if he can get off from work that Friday.  Would anybody be interested in participating with us?  Whether you simply have no other plans that weekend, or whether your family is in the middle of homeschooling, or if your child is not of school age or even born yet and you have no idea what you will be doing for their education, or if you are grandparents, or if your child already established in a school and all the news of high stake testing and common core makes you question whether public school is right for your family, or whoever you are, we welcome your company.  It’s $10 per “newbie” couple and/or parents of preschooler, if you register by March 31st. Click on the image for more information.

Fullscreen capture 3102015 112331 PM.bmp


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