ABC - Y is for Yellow Ball-002

ladyBug {age ~ 3years 8/9weeks}

I was excited to jump into our first b4fiar row together with ladyBug.  She needed some good classic literature in her young life.  So we got our feet wet last week with our first “row,” a daily read of Good Night, Moon by Margaret Wise Brown with some simple activities found in the Before Five In A Row manual in addition to GLE and LOTW.  During the week, I gathered my supplies and planned the activities for a two week long row of The Yellow Ball by Molly Bang in combination with God’s Little Explorer and Letter of the Week activities.  Here is my thought process of combining three different curriculums.

GLE – Week 23: Y is for You

GLE started us off with reading the story of Jesus welcoming the little children.  The Bibles I’m using with ladyBug did not have this particular story.  However, the Read and Share Toddler Bible did have Jesus Loves You.  Score!  I was able to incorporate the letter Y for you.  So for every “school day,” 3 days a week for 2 weeks, I read this story to ladyBug.


In correlation with the “You” theme, ladyBug made an “All Abut Me” book.  The title page included ladyBug first ever self-portrait. She amazed me with her details.  The circle on each side were her shoulders and hair on top.  The blue circle surrounding her eyes was her chin.  Then her family portrait AMAZED me even more!  Pink mommy had eyes with eyeballs.  The two lines next to the eyes were ears.  Mommy and Daddy are big.  The kids are small.  And the green baby is teeny tiny.  HAhAh!  Super cute.  Each family member had a color matching scooter.  I am not sure where the scooters came from.  For the subsequent pages, she wrote her own name and her age backwards.  😉  After drawing each of her pictures, she dictated to me what she likes to do.  In the bottom right picture, the baby is teeny tiny again and the two girls are playing surrounded by fence posts!  Heheh  =)
02-2015-03-06 Letter Y

For another “You” activities, I traced her body and drew in her clothes.  She spent the next week coloring in her body.  She was very proud of this project and showed Boo immediately after we picked him up from school and entered the house.  Boo displayed approval of her project and even helped color it as he procrastinated with the completion of his own homework.

Another time, we used playdough to make people.  The toothpicks acted as our skeleton.  See the nice, albeit sad-looking person with yellow hair, hands and feet on the left?  I made him.  =)  Soon after I completed my person, I had to run the baby upstairs to put her down for her nap.  (I knew ladyBug was engaged and I trusted her to complete her task of finishing her playdough person safely.)  Well, when I came back down….

… ladyBug had done her own thing and finished her two people.  o_O  Where did my person go??!

At the end of the two weeks, ladyBug completed another self-portrait.  This time she drew herself with Jesus.  When she was done, she told me to write “Jesus loves [ladyBug]” on the bottom of her paper.  =)

B4FIAR – Yellow Ball

We read Yellow Ball by Molly Bang on every school day.  Our main activity was replicating the title page using different artistic methods.


First, ladyBug verbally described the title page.  Then, I had her draw and cut out a yellow ball from construction paper.  Next, she tore blue and light blue construction paper into square-ish pieces.  She glued it all down onto another blue paper to recreate the title page.

On a different day, ladyBug drew a circle and painted the circle with yellow and white paint.  We set that aside to dry.  On a plate, I squirted several dollops of white and blue paint.  ladyBug and I mixed several of the dollops together to create various shades of blues to match the title page.  Then ladyBug painted her paper to match the title page and set that aside to dry.  A few days later, ladyBug cut the yellow ball out and glued it to her sky.


I made my own with the extra paint!  What do you think?


For her final recreation, I gave her crayons.  She surprised me with her ability/knowledge to use the purple to darken the blue for her sea.  I didn’t not except that.  And in truth, I didn’t realize that I didn’t offer her crayons with two shades of blue until she put purple on the paper and I began to wondering what she was doing… =P  Oops!  She definitely amazed me with her artistic eye.

Here are Boo’s title page recreations from his own rowing of Yellow Ball, more than two years ago.  The first one, on the left, was just one straight cut of the dark blue paper glued onto a sheet of light blue with a yellow circle drawn, cut, and glued onto the light blue paper.  The second rendition is made from pieces of tissue paper and some construction paper glued onto a sheet of light blue paper.  The final recreation on the right is made from blue and yellow paint.

As one of the conversation points from the manual, I was trying to explaining perception.  Words are not my forte.  So I ended up taking out the playdough and made a fish.  Then I had the Boo and ladyBug move the fish and the happy face eraser (acting as the yellow ball) until they were able to recreate the “above” scene from the the book.  In order for ladyBug to grasp this, I even had to throw in a fish anatomy lesson for her to better grasp the picture in the book. This was not an easy lesson to teach….




There were many activities for the letter Y from LOTW curriculum as well as from pinterest.  These hands-on, crafty activities are ladyBug’s favorite part of school.  While studying the letter Y, we also learn the letter sound and discover the many words that beginning with Y.  We sang the LeapFrog song, focusing on the letter Y.  “The Y says /y/.  The Y says /y/….”  We read the pages that focused on the letter Y from Dr. Seuss’ ABC.

We watched the ABCmouse video and the Sesame Street music video about the letter Y.

ladyBug also completed many printables from the LOTW curriculum.  Here’s a coloring page.  It wasn’t until the second week that ladyBug remembered that this was yarn and not a yo-yo.  =)


Throughout the two weeks, ladyBug practiced forming her letter Y with dot markers, Duplo blocks, pattern shape blocks, coloring things (crayons, marker, colored pencils, etc.), and pompom magnets.

Here’s some other activities… putting numbers in numerical order.


counting balls of yarns to match the numeral that was randomly picked

connecting the dots from 1 to 22.  This was a bit too easy for ladyBug with the connecting line already present.

So I drew up a sheet of 1 to 22 without the line for ladyBug to connect. This was just right for her…She’s needs some work with her 14, 15, 16, 17 section which we will repeat in the future.

I read her this passage while emphasizing the /y/ sound. Later, ladyBug searched for all the letter Y.  The capital and lowercase y, each got a different color.

I created a wavy path on the floor using yellow yarn and ladyBug practiced her balanced walking with heel to toe walking on the yarn.  At the end of the line, she picked up a yellow circle plate and made her return trip.  She was so excited when she handed the yellow plate back to me. What an accomplishment!


During these two weeks we made several crafts that made a capital Y or a lowercase y that ladyBug puts into her alphabet scrapbook.  Her Y crafts included a yak, yarn, and a collage of yellow yarn.  Then ladyBug looked through all her pages of ABC stickers to find all the letter Y and stuck them on her Y pages.

And that’s it for ladyBug’s Yellow Ball, Yy /y/, and “you” row.  Remember to come back for ladyBug’s work on her next book and letter.  And next time I have to remember to use my real camera to get better quality photos and not my camera phone  =P  =)

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