Boo {age ~ 5years 4months 3weeks}

Over the summer, while tutoring/summer homeschooling the children’s cousins who will soon be 1st and 2nd graders, Boo joined them. During this time, we started some of Boo’s kindergarten work.  It was mainly reading, writing and math.  I will continue most of what we have been doing during the summer, except the common core focused 1st grade math and 1st grade word problems. Summer school ends September 4th. We will take a full week off and Boo will start kindergarten on September 14th.

*note – The links are not affiliated links. They are there for you to find more information about what these curriculum/books are about.

2015 Kindergarten Subjects

Subjects Details

Reading – Boo excitedly completed the kindergarten levels of Hooked on Phonics. So we will naturally continue with 1st Grade & 2nd Grade as slow or as quick as he wants. Boo learned various reading concepts on his own and I am going through Alpha-phonics with him to formalize and solidify his reading skills. We will be reading through McGuffey’s Eclectic Primer and McGuffey’s First Eclectic Reader to build fluency in reading, learn vocabulary, and learn & discuss Biblical morals. Boo worked through Explode the Code Books A-C very casually since he was 4 years old. We started book 1 this summer and he is speeding through it. He might even start book 2 within the next 2 weeks. He will continue as quickly or as slow as he wants.

Hooked on Phonics 1st GradeHooked on Phonics 2nd Grade Alpha-Phonics McGuffey's Eclectic Primer, Revised Edition   McGuffey's First Eclectic Reader, Revised Edition Explode the Code

Spelling – Through our summer lessons, Boo completed about half of All About Spelling Level 1 with his cousins and we will continue with it and finish it up. When finished, we will move on to Level 2.

All About Spelling Level 1

Writing – We started Primary Arts of Language – Writing this summer with his cousins, but we will slow down with this and go through the lessons more thoroughly. We will incorporate McGuffey’s Eclectic Primer CopyBook to combine Boo’s reading lessons, handwriting, and writing concepts.

Primary Arts of Language: Writing  McGuffey’s Primer Copybook

Handwriting – Boo has weekly Sunday School homework where he needs to copy his Bible memory verse several times. I will use this as part of his handwriting lesson in addition to using A Reason For Handwriting Book A.

A Reason for Handwriting: Manuscript A

Math – Boo will focus on learning and memorizing his addition and subtraction math facts. We will mainly use Rapid Recall Addition & Subtraction to facilitate this. We will be using various manipulatives, internet worksheets, games, Pinterest ideas, and Two and Two Is Not Five for tricks, practice, and speed. On the side, we will use Singapore Math Earlybird B, 1A, & 1B to slowly learn other math concepts.

Rapid Recall System   Two Plus Two Is Not Five

Earlybird Kindergarten Math   Primary Mathematics 1A  Primary Mathematics 1B

NYC Geography – Hubby is doing all the planning and teaching for this.

Extras – This year, we will teach and train Boo on completing age appropriate chores and houseworks independently AKA Practical Arts or Home Economics. He will learn how to make easy meals or parts of a meal from start to finish, such as operating the rice cooker to make oatmeal and rice, making sandwiches, etc. He already empties the dishwasher with some help. By the end of the year, he should be able to complete this task on his own. Through the year, he will work on washing his own clothes, folding it, and putting it away. We hang our laundry to dry.  So the adults will help Boo on drying his clothes. Boo started soccer class this summer and LOVES it. He will continue.

Group Subjects – For Bible, literature, world cultures, science, and art, we will read through Sonlight Curriculum P4/5. We started P4/5 last September while Boo attended UPK. We went through it very slowly and ended up taking many breaks. Currently, I am unsure if we will resume where we left off or start all over.

Sonlight Curriculum P4/5

Our Weekly and Long-Term Plan

Our plan is to school year round, 6 days a week, with a full week off after every 4-6 weeks of school. During our week off from school, we will go on field trips related to what we are studying at the time as well as our favorites, i.e. NYBG and the zoo.

Hubby will take over house and homeschool for a month when I will be recovering from the birth of baby#4 in December. Homeschool will resume slowly when I return to homeschool duty in January. We will also take days off when we need to and a 2 week long summer break.

Starting September 14th, Boo will do 1-2 reading lessons, handwriting, and practicing his math facts Monday-Saturday.

On Mondays, we will be visiting the park and the library after Boo’s practical arts lessons and schoolwork is completed.

On Tuesdays-Friday, we will work on all the other subjects. In the morning, we will work on additional reading lessons, spelling, writing, and other math concepts. Our group subjects (Sonlight reading) will be completed during and after lunch with ladyBug.

On Monday-Wednesday evenings, Hubby will work with Boo on geography.

Boo has his weekly soccer class on Saturday which he will attend after completing schoolwork.

I am working on scheduling a weekly playdate for the kids with other families. Once that is scheduled, this schedule may have to change. We are also considering rejoining the 2x/month co-op with LEAH, but they have not finalize their plans yet. So I am not sure if we will join them this year.

This may seem like a lot of work for kindergarten, but we are flexible and we’re planning to go with the flow with how Boo takes it. The main part of Boo’s day will be PLAY. Though Boo is quick in learning many subjects, we believe that the main way children learn at this age is through play, lots of free and open play.

Homeschool Law

In NYC, children are not required to attend kindergarten. Mandatory schooling begins with 1st grade or the year the child turns 6 before December 1. So we do not have to file any paperwork for Boo until next year. For this year, Hubby and I will still be completing all the paperwork, including the Letter of Intent (LoI), Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP), the 4 quarterly reports, and the year-end evaluation, but we will not be filing anything. We will also be working on keeping proper records and figuring out the best way for our family to do so. We will begin our homeschool paperwork filing next September for 1st grade when Boo is 6 years old.


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