about me.bmpI am a child to a loving God, a wife to a wonderful Hubby, and a mommy to 3 very active little ones.  Life is busy…

I love to cook, bake, sew, scrapbook, read, go out, watch movies, spend time with my family, hang out with friends, travel, crochet, play softball, play volleyball, garden, watch ABC shows: Grey’s Anatomy, Bones, Body of Proof, Castle, as well as Good Eats, House, Touch, Reba, Bunheads, Stargate SG1, Star Trek Voyager, DS9, and TNG…  So much to do, so little time…  I would love to exercise regularly.  Once a week would be wonderful.

I studied math, got a masters in Early Childhood Education and Special Education, taught in an infant classroom at my school for several years, and then in a toddler classroom at a private daycare in Manhattan for almost a year before quitting because of pregnancy fatigue.

While pregnant with our firstborn, “Boo,” I started taking care of “Digum,” who is now Boo’s bestie.  After Boo was born, life became busier.  When the children got older, “Squiggles” joined our crew part-time.  Then pregnancy fatigue hit again and we were down to one Boo.

While pregnant with our second-born, “ladyBug,” digum’s mommy and I started our own hobby business of sewing and crocheting item for sale.  It was fun while it lasted…  ladyBug was born and life became very busy again…

Boo started his homeschool education for about 2 years and life settled into a nice routine with schooling, homeschool co-op, field trips. As labyBug started homeschool, the arrival of our third-born, “owBop” made life crazy and busier again…

With the lack of sleep, I needed a break.  So we enrolled Boo into Universal Pre-K (UPK) at a community daycare. Over the next few months, owBop matured and learned to adapt to our family’s routine.  As I gained more sleep, I gained the energy to resume homeschool with ladyBug and towards the end of the year, “Parker Panda” joined our crew part-time.  Now, we excitedly wait for Boo to finish UPK and our family can homeschool full-time.  Then I can do some more of my mommy things and we can go on field trips again, like to the zoo because Boo says “we haven’t been to the zoo in a long long long long time.”

This blog will showcase and explain some of our homeschooling.  And if I have the time and energy, you will get to see some of my craftier and yummier products.  Enjoy!

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