It’s been quite a while since my last post.  What a bad blogger I am.  I’ve been waiting to take some good pictures of Boo to post.  But the opportunity never came up:  my memory card is missing again… busy days with double trouble…. Boo slept most of the time… my laptop lost power & won’t recharge it battery or accept it’s adapter as a power source!  Crazy!  Now I’m on Hubby’s laptop.

Most prominent thing on my mind is that I’ve rearranged the furniture in our living/dining/kitchen annex.  I didn’t tell Hubby my plans.  So he will be surprised when he comes home later today.  We’re waiting for the first floor bathroom to be finished (the guy only works here on the weekends) before we move our dining room and kitchen stuff to the appropriate place.  With three rooms worth of stuff crammed into one room, it’s been tight for me and the babies.  I really wanted to get a gate to create some floor space for Digum to play.  But I needed to save up for it.  Then Hubby and I were planning/wishing about when the bathroom will be finished and we can move things around and have more space.  He tole me some of his furniture moving plans.  I really wanted to do it then, but he was planning to study for his exam today (last day for his Tuesday night class!  WooHoo!).  This morning I though, why not…  So I moved stuff around, vacuumed, and arranged and cleaned.  Now there some floor space for the babette to play!  I’m excited.  Hopefully this will give me enough time to actually finish my lunches.

Updates on Boo… he’ll be going to his peds Monday for part 2 of his flu shots.  So we’ll have updates on his height and weight then.  Most recently, Hubby has been trying to get him to move some more, maybe some creeping or crawling.  But Boo is stubborn.  This week, Boo has been getting better at sitting up on his own.  He doesn’t fall over as much any more.  So that’s good because that’s less crying.  He can spin around 360 super fast, but still no forwards or backwards.  Boo still loves jumping.  He new thing is jumping after eating so that’s been creating a lot of spit-ups.  More than his first 6 months worth combined.  =O  He might be getting better with getting his puffs.  When I hold one up for him, he either bring his mouth to the puff (HAHHA) or he picks it up with his first two fingers and then proceeds to drop it somewhere between my hand and his mouth.  Funny how he doesn’t really know how to bring the puff to his mouth, but no problem with a pacifier.  On another note, Boo is so good after Hubby goes to work.  Typically HUbby wakes Boo up in the morning for a diaper change and bottle.  Then before he goes to work, Boo goes back in his crib.  In the past, Boo would fall asleep no problem.  These days he stays awake and plays in his crib.  I put in his little Pooh squeaker and a Taggies book.  He plays for a good hour before he fall asleep on his own. What a lovely baby to give his mommy some extra sleep.  =D

That’s all for now.  I’ll see if I can get some photos posted soon.


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